Clean means business

Cleaning is an everyday activity that demands an investment of your time and resources. But how you approach it can have a big impact through cost savings, increased revenue, employee health and protection of investments.

Clean Environment
Satisfied Patrons
Higher Revenue

Impact of clean

Cost Savings

The right cleaning products save you money and increase efficiency. Formulated for the cleaning needs of business, P&G Professional offers a multipurpose, consolidated lineup of products that can reduce your inventory and lower labor costs.

Dawn® Professional Demo

Dawn Manual Pot & Pan Clean 58% more Greasy Pots & Pans per Sink* and Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser Cuts Grease 2x Faster**

Increase Revenue

When patrons experience a clean environment, they stay longer, order more food, and return more frequently. See below to learn how a clean business can drive revenue.

Clean Shapes Perception

Cleanliness has a big impact on where consumers choose to eat, shop, or stay.

Cleanliness Almost as Important as Food

In restaurants, 91% of patrons believe that cleanliness is important, second only to food.*

Customers Will Walk

56% of retail consumers have stopped shopping at a store because it wasn't clean.*

Cleanliness Brings Return Business

95% of Americans would return to a hotel or restaurant more often if they think it's clean.*

Employee Health

Clean environments are good for employees’ well being–and your bottom line. Employee illness costs employers up to $1,320 per employee/per year and if employees do come in to work while sick, they put other employees and guests as risk

Protect Your Investment

The right products and techniques reduce replacement costs. You can avoid significant costs down the road by knowing the right way to protect your investments today.

Why Choose P&G Pro Line® Floor Care System

Learn how and why P&G Pro Line Floor Care System offers the solutions you need to optimize your cleaning program.

Reduce costs with these products & brands

These products will help you recognize the value of cleanliness!

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