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A professional laundry system that targets the toughest stains and odors* commonly associated with skilled nursing communities. Give your residents an exceptional standard of clean while saving your business time, labor, and money.

Remove Stains & Odor
Attacks heavy body soil stains and odors
Cost Efficient
Pays for itself in 1 wash***

Join healthcare & skilled nursing facilities around the country in eliminating the toughest stains and odors, so you can give your residents an exceptional experience

"Before we had to pre-treat/spray a lot, now we don’t need to. Laundry is softer, cleaner, and fresher… there is no malodor on the laundry"
– Sedgebrook

Save your business time, labor, and money

The Tide Professional Stain & Odor Eliminator System not only delivers results - it delivers significant savings
  • -Pays for itself in one wash***
  • -Can save your business time and money by reducing linen replacement, pretreatment, and the need to rewash due to staining**

4 Steps to Remarkable Stain and Odor Elimination

Simple to Use with P&G Pro's 24/7/365 Service

Easy to use and to switch through:
  • -Trouble-free professional installation
  • -Dedicated local service consultant measured on responsiveness, quality, compliance and customer satisfaction
  • -Automatic product portioning helps avoid mistakes like overdosing and product contact
  • -Color coding and lock-and-key connectors make refilling simple

*BM, Urine, Body Odors
**of blood, BM, and Urine stains versus a standard neutral pH system
***versus two loads in a standard neutral pH system