Give your guests Tide Professional's signature clean. The near pH neutral formula helps protect fabric strength for longer lasting linens. Optimize your fabric care system by switching to the Tide Professional Everyday System for savings of up to $1,400.

Save $1400 on Tide Everyday system
Near Neutral pH
No harsh alkali or acids
Up to 67%
Longer Linen Life**

Intro to the Tide Professional Laundry System

The Tide Professional Laundry System deep cleans and helps protect fabric integrity, keeping sheets, towels and garments looking new longer.

Protect Your Laundry Investment
Optimize your fabric care system with Tide®, Downy® and Clorox® so your linens look and feel more like new, longer. These solutions deliver Tide’s signature clean to everyday soils, with specially formulated stain aids to remove stubborn stains like grease, rust, coffee, and more.

3 Steps to softer, stronger linens.

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Simple to Use with P&G Pro's 24/7/365 Service
Easy to use and to switch through:
  • -Trouble-free professional installation
  • -Dedicated local service consultant measured on responsiveness, quality, compliance and customer satisfaction
  • -Automatic product portioning helps avoid mistakes like overdosing and product contact
  • -Color coding and lock-and-key connectors make refilling simple

Ancillary Stain Aids

*Annual linen savings based on switching from a standard alkaline system to the Tide Professional Everyday System (Tide detergent, Clorox and Downy) and a 50-cycle test vs. leading alkaline system. Savings assumes the standard competitive system is priced parity with Tide Professional Everyday system and uses linen replacement cost data based on a study among Hospitality key decision makers in April 2014.

** than leading alkaline system in 50 cycle test (based on EL’s L2000) based on strength