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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean®

Magic Eraser

Original 6/6 ct

6 units of 6 CT each

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Brighten up your business by helping to renew its surfaces. Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Original will help your walls, baseboards, floors, switch plates, blinds and more look like new again by easily removing scuff marks and dirt. To discover the cleaning possibilities, simply take a swipe. Its water-activated micro-scrubbers reach into the surface grooves, lifting away built up grease and soap scum. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original is so powerful that each swipe removes more grime than the leading all-purpose spray cleaner and it has no harsh chemicals. Before long, you’ll be back to the things you love best your business will be a brighter, cleaner space. Try with Dawn®, Extra Power, Outdoor Pro, Kitchen, and Bath to fight your toughest jobs.

  • Powerful multi-purpose cleaning with water alone
  • Water activated microscrubbers lift and remove dirt around your home
  • Great for multi-purpose cleaning on car windshield glass, leather athletic shoes, walls, doors, baseboards, glass table tops and more!
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Mr. Clean®
Magic Eraser
24/1 ct
24 units of 1 CT each
Mr. Clean®
Magic Eraser
Sheet 16/8 ct
16 units of 8 CT each
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Susan C


9/ 25/ 2020

Red Lipstick in the Dryer
Pulled my jeans and work-shirt from the dryer. To my horror, when I opened the drawer I realized I’d left my red lipstick in my jeans pocket. The lipstick was all over my clothes and the dryer. I ket the dryer cool while I researched solutions. I decided to go with my gut and use my magic eraser. I’m happy to report; it cleaned my dryer completely and took the stains out of my shirt and jeans.

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5/ 30/ 2020

Best All around
As I lay on the top of my RV scratching my head wondering how to get this mildew off the RV the easiest. They say use 30sec clean on it but it contains bleach and it may kill my grass. As a professional house keeper I think to myself I wonder what a magic eraser would do. Now I only wish your company made these thick and able to stick on a microfiber floor mop. One wipe, one cleaned it better then the bleach cleaner. So Procter and gamble please make your sheets thicker and advertises them as RV wipes. They worked amazing cut my cleaning time way over half. Thank you.

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