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Platinum Powerwash

Fresh 6/16 oz

6 units of 16 OZ each

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Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray, Dish Soap is the faster, easier way to clean as you go. The spray activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water for 5X Faster* Grease Cleaning. Just Spray, Wipe, and Rinse to stay ahead of the mess and get done faster. Dawn Powerwash is great for all your dishes with its unique spray technology even your hard to reach items, like blenders and baby bottles, are easy to clean. Just, Spray, Wipe, and Rinse. For tough messes, allow the suds to sit for a few minutes than just wipe and rinse away all the grease and suds.

  • 5X FASTER Grease Cleaning Power vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated
  • Continuous spray allows for maximum coverage
  • Suds activate on contact without water

*vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated

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Platinum Powerwash
Fresh Refill 6/16 oz
6 units of 16 OZ each
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Ingredients we do not Use

Here is a list of some of the most common materials we get asked about that we do not use as ingredients in any of our formulated products (health care, skin and personal cleansing, hair care, laundry, home care, and oral care)

  • Alkylphenols and alkylphenol ethoxylates
  • Benzene
  • Bisphenol A (not in formulas*)
  • Heavy metals: Arsenic, Lead, Chromium VI, Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel
  • Microbeads
  • Organotins (TBT, DBT, MBT, DOT)
  • PVC (not in formulas*)
  • PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Phthalates**
  • Triclosan
  • Triclocarban**

We have strict product safety limits in place when any of these materials could be found in tiny amounts due to their natural (or background) presence in water, the environment, or as part of the manufacturing process.

* We do not use BPA or PVC in any of our product formulas. Our use of PVC and BPA is restricted to very small amounts in some product packaging like pressurized aerosol cans or electrical devices where their unique performance is essential for product safety. We will consider new material options as soon as they do arise.

** We do not use these ingredients in new products and are exiting them.

Click here to learn more about P&G’s ingredient choices.

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11/ 19/ 2023

The best dish washing and multi-purpose cleaner
I am truly impressed with Dawn Powerwash. I had dried paint splatters on my hardwood floor since December of 2022. I saw an article that Dawn Powerwash if sprayed on the dried paint ( hardwood floors) would either remove the paint or loosen the paint without stripping the hardwood floor finish. And walla the Powerwash did remove all of the dried paint and the floors were not disturbed. I use Dawnpower wash everyday for dishwashing and other grease and grime removal.

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11/ 15/ 2023

Dirt magnet!
This stuff is the bomb! I used it on my Shark vacuum filters and noticed it was working like a magnet pulling out the dirt! The filters look brand new. So I took it and sprayed it on old soda stains in my boyfriend’s rec room then used my Bissel floor/carpet cleaner on it… stains gone! Used it all going to get more to keep on hand! Beautiful product!

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We Hold Ourselves To The Highest Standard

For over 181 years, your safety and the safety of your world has been at the heart of what we do. That’s why we have a team of more than 500 scientists and professionals and a rigorous safety process to analyze every ingredient—before we ever consider putting it in one of our products.