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Dawn Professional Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Dawn® Professional

Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner

Concentrate 4-55 3/1 gal

3 units of 1 GAL each

P & G Pledge

Cuts tough grease on quarry tile, the grease fighting power of Dawn now for your floor. Includes dosing pump to ensure proper dilution and value. Versatile, multipurpose cleaner for floors, walls, tables, food-contact surfaces, and restrooms. Dual-surfactant system emulsifies greasy soils and suspends them so they can be removed. High builder level helps remove grimy tracked-in dirt and delivers excellent cleaning in hard water. No corrosive mildly alkaline formula balances tough cleaning power with employee safety. Can be used with chlorine bleach. Classified by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC., as to slip resistance only 43R9. UL.

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Dawn® Professional
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner
3 units of 1 GAL each
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6/ 26/ 2015

the only floor cleaner youll need
This product is the only one approved to be used in our floors, nice scent and does the job well.

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