Flushable Wipes

6/4x40 Ct LCP

6 units of 160 CT each

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Try Charmin Flushable Wipes, with a re-sealable flip top to keep your wipes moist and your hiney Charmin-shiny. They’re flushable, plus the stylish packaging looks good wherever you decide to put it—or wherever you take it. That’s because this little soft pack is hugely portable, so you can take it with you, to enjoy the go, on the go! Pair with your favorite Charmin toilet paper for an extra clean finish because those who go with Charmin Flushable Wipes really enjoy the go!

  • Each single pack has a re-sealable top
  • Pair with Charmin toilet paper for an extra clean finish
  • Unique packaging and design, suitable to live anywhere in your bathroom or on the go
  • Use only in well-maintained plumbing systems
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3/ 17/ 2024

Quality wipes
We like using these wipes because of the durability. The have a light fragrance and the texture of the wipes is soft yet durable. The easy to open flip lid makes is convenient and keeps wipes fresh so they don’t dry out.

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2/ 28/ 2024

Wanted to try this really but and it exceed my expectations. Good texture and moisture. Easy to flush and has a fresh scent like baby wipes. Packaging is easy to open and close.

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