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Cascade® Professional

Silverware Presoak

Concentrate Closed Loop 7-10 2/1 gal

2 units of 1 GAL each

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Cascade Professional Silverware Presoak is designed for presoaking and detarnishing flatware. This product is designed to perform equally well in hard or soft water. Contains ingredients to aid in the reduction of water spotting on flatware and loosening of tough cooked-on soils. The Cascade Professional system line-up is specially formulated to deliver exceptional shine every time, without the extra work of rewashing, bleaching or polishing allowing you to:

  • Save money – Average annual savings of $800 in water, chemicals and energy – and $900 in labor *
  • Optimize your operation – Keep your machine clean and efficient while doubling the time between de-liming

* Based on 300 racks/day

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