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Bounty Paper Towels


Paper Towels

Single Plus White Select-a-Size 83 Ct 24/1 roll

24 units of 1 RL each

P & G Pledge

The value of Bounty increases as the rolls get bigger with our Giant, Mega, and Huge rolls. And because some messes are bigger than others, Bounty Select-a-Size lets you choose how many sheets you need, depending on the size of the spill. Thick and absorbent Bounty paper towels help you clean up quickly and easily - one sheet locks in the mess.

  • The Clean Picker-Upper.
  • Earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.
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11/ 11/ 2020

Enough Nooooooos
I've used Bounty for as long as I can remember. Great product but the ads are getting ridiculous with the long drawn out "nooooooooo" scripts. It's extremely annoying! Show the product - show the clean-up - happy consumer - done! No need for the ridiculous drama.

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7/ 19/ 2019

Better than all the rest
I clean houses for a living. I've tried every paper towel available. Bounty is by far the best. It's super strong, super absorbent and you don't have to use a ton of it to get the job done. Excellent product

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