Running a small business is demanding–and rewarding

P&G Professional delivers solutions and trusted brands that make cleaning easier, saving small business operators time and money. See below for valuable advice from senior small business columnist at USA TODAY <a href="/solutions/experts/steve-strauss/" class="modal" data-fancybox-type="iframe">Steve Strauss</a> as well as information on products formulated for the demands of small businesses.

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Steve Strauss Gives Advice to Small Businesses
Steve Strauss Small Business Professional

Get valuable advice from Steve Strauss that can help you run your small business more efficiently.

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Professional Cleaning Surface Care
A Clean Patrons Notice

From shelves to bathrooms to checkout counters, your expect your surfaces to be squeaky clean. Fight germs and dirt with these easy-to-use surface care products.

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Spic & Span® Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner Demonstration
Bounty with Dawn Product Demonstration
Comet® Disinfecting Sanitizing Bathroom Cleaner Demonstration
Professional Dish Cleaning for Foodservice
Staying Safe & Sanitary

Your patrons trust that their food is safe when they get it from you. So why not trust your kitchen to the Professional clean of P&G Professional products?

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Dawn® Professional Demo
Spic & Span® Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray & Glass Cleaner Demonstration
Comet® Cleaner with Bleach Demonstration
Comet® Disinfecting Sanitizing Bathroom Cleaner Demonstration
Professional Floor Care Shiny Floor
A Professional Clean

Floors are often the first thing your patrons notice, and a big day can leave a big mess on your floors. Keep them shining like new with these floor care systems designed specifically for you.

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Professional Restroom Cleaning
A Small Area That Has A Big Impact On Experiences

To your customers, the cleanliness of your restrooms says a lot about how you run your business. P&G Professional products make the cleaning task easier and more efficient.

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Professional Cleaning Hospitality Air Care
Finish with Freshness

Perceptions of cleanliness rely heavily on the odor in your business. Keep things smelling as fresh and clean as they are with fabric and air fresheners by Febreze®.

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Hand Hygiene
Designed for safety and simplicity

Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Safeguard makes it easy to protect the well-being of your staff and patrons.

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Professional Cleaning for Laundry Services
Clean, Soft, Bright Linens, For Positive Guest Experiences

P&G Professional’s laundry line helps deliver the cleanliness, softness and whiteness you and your customers demand. Tide’s® neutral pH and phosphate free formula make it a smart choice.

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