Safeguard Bar Soap

2.4 Based on 11 Reviews

  • I Miss Triclosan

    Not the same soap since they removed Triclosan. This was the only soap that kept my bacterial infections under control. Please find an ingredient comparable to Triclosan.

    — C Roman from USA
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  • My favorite

    This is the best soap ever. I've tried bar soaps but this is my long time love. I've been using this soap since I was a little girl and the scent always make me smile. Now that we are living a pandemic with the Covid-19 guess what was my first buy. This soap should have commercials and be advertised. I simply love it.

    — Sheila from Orlando Fl
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  • Disgruntled User

    I've been a life long Safeguard user. Their bars have went from 5 ounces, to 4, and now 3.2 ounces and the price is still just as high. And maybe it's just me, but the smell seems to have changed as well. It's not as fresh to me. I've had it with this company thinking this is ok to do. Totally ridiculous. I am no longer a Safeguard user unless they go back to a larger size bar.

    — Linda from Tampa, FL
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  • What have you done to Safeguard White?

    I've used Safeguard White for well over 40 years. Even when my local stores quit carrying it, I found it online in bulk packages. I just received my latest order, and it is plain to me that you've altered the fragrance. There's a definite smell of honey mixed in to the good old Safeguard I love. Whatever you did, I'm.not a fan.

    — Tom Cox from Naperville, IL
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  • Size

    I love Safe Guard Bar Soap too. Unfortunately it is getting harder to find! Is it because of the smaller size with an increased price? Increases are "normal" but NOT reducing the size and increasing the cost! Also, why are no "replies" visible here from P & G? Is it because P & G is embarrassed with NO good reason for doing so? I would like to stay a consumer of the fine product but NOT without a valid reason! Johnny

    — JWarner1
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  • Size of Bar

    Not very happy with your smaller size bar. Although I've been using your soap all my life and love it, I think I'm ticked off enough to find something else. If you decide to begin producing normal size bars in the future, I may consider coming back.

    — Jude from Fairhope, AL
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  • Smells good

    Tried this for the first time a few days ago. The scent is nice. Can you start making scentless soap though? Or naturally scented? I'm glad they made that law against that antibacterial ingredient. Now I don't have to worry about it being in this soap.

    — Amoree from Oregon
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  • Reduced Size of Safeguard Soap Bar

    Who do you think you're fooling? Cheap! Cheap! I plan to find a brand other than P&G.

    — Wilson Jumper from West Columbia, SC
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  • Where are the larger size bars?

    Near Atlanta, GA. I can only find 3.2 oz. bars at Walmart, Target, etc. Other manufacturers offer 4, 4.2, 4.5 oz bars. My family has been using Safeguard for generations and would like to continue. You are going to lose lifetime customers with these small 3.2 oz size bars!

    — EMiller from 30144
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    dirty Jimmy

    Why oh Why can I not find the Family size bars of safegard?All I am able to find are the little bars of soap.We have used the FAMILY size for years because the size fit our hands better also the price was great now with the smaller bars of soap costing the same or more than the FAMILY size we are going to start looking and trying other BAR soap.The liquid soap does not last because we can't control the amount of soap being dispensed. SO where can we purchase Thank You THE FAMILY BARS OF SOAP?

    — JSieloff1
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