Chesterfield Hotel Tide® Professional Coldwater Testimonial

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Bob Pinkerton, vice president of operations for Chesterfield Hotels near St. Louis, Missouri, recently switched from the Tide Professional Everyday System to the Tide Professional Coldwater System. Learn how a test in one location convinced him to roll Tide Coldwater out in all five of the hotels they own and operate.

Q: What convinced you to switch to Tide Professional Coldwater?

A: I had been hearing a lot about it, but I was concerned about getting the linens clean using cold water instead of hot water. After our rep walked us through it, I agreed to test it in one location to see if the savings were as big as they said. We’ve been pleased with the system—I trust Procter & Gamble Professional to deliver on their word.

Q: How have you felt about the system?

A: For the laundry staff it’s not that much different since we were already using Tide Professional, so it’s been an easy transition. It is saving us more in gas costs than we thought it would and it’s helped with graying of our linens—it just seems that not using hot water is easier on the linens.

Q: How long did it take for you to notice results?

A: After about the first two months we noticed the whiteness of our linens was improving, and a few months later we noticed a difference in our utilities.

Q: How big are the savings?

A: In the first six months, we showed total property savings of 35% on our gas bill and 8% on our water bill when compared to the previous year.

Q: Do you believe your guests would be happy knowing you’re using a more eco-friendly laundry system?

A: Oh definitely. We’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Q: What would you say to another operator considering making the switch to Tide Coldwater?

A: I think it would be worthwhile, there’s really no downside. The cost of the chemical is a little higher, but you’re saving on other things.

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