5 Best Laundry Detergents According to

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As head equipment manager for the Denver Broncos for more than two decades, Chris Valenti is no stranger to tackling laundry so dirty most of us would probably toss it. Valenti uses Tide Professional and told TODAY that it clean uniforms thoroughly, while also extending the lifespan of players' towels. "We used to get a bit of yellowing throughout the course of the year and needed to order more at the end of the year because of that," said Valenti. "Now towels seem to stay whiter and are actually even a little fluffier." Unfortunately, Tide Professional is only available to laundry professionals.

A consumer-facing alternative, however, is Tide with bleach. Jack Prenter, owner of the housekeeping company, ChoreBliss, said it makes light work of wine, coffee and lipstick stains. "Even though it contains bleach and is a tough cleaner, it's perfectly safe to use on colors," added Prenter. "While not recommended, the reality of the situation is that many homeowners are busy and often mix colors with whites to save on time. Therefore, it's vital that any detergent you use is safe for both whites and colors.".

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