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Tide Washing Machine Cleaner


Washing Machine Cleaner

6/3 ct

6 units of 3 CT each

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A great guest experience starts with a clean washer. Fight odor-causing residues in your washers from laundry soils, detergents and water hardness minerals with Tide Washing Machine Cleaner.

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PACKAGE UPC37000209690
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6/ 16/ 2020

GREAT product (solution) for its purpose
for those with HE washing machines that think they have an odor you SHOULD get this. happened once to myself & since using this hasn't happened again. still run a cycle with cleaner once in a blue moon just in case. single so most likely don't do as much washing as a typical family but i have yet to have any odor come back. I also use whatever towels or shirts have just been washed to remove excess moisture from door & inside machine and generally leave the washing machine door open. have gotten my dad to use also.

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