• 11/7/2013

    Cleanliness Is Key To Exceptional Customer Experience in Retail Spaces

    Cleanliness can be a key way to provide an exceptional customer experience in any retail space. To provide customers with a top-notch experience in your store, create a cleaning routine that not only addresses all the areas that they frequent, but gives extra attention to high traffic areas like the store entrance, checkout stands, and restrooms. These high-traffic areas can make a big impact on a customer’s first impression.

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  • 11/5/2013

    Creating a Great First Impression in Your Hotel Through Cleanliness

    To deliver a great first impression of your hotel, consider the cleanliness of your property as you aim to create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back. According to the 2013 Cleaning Industry Insights Survey from P&G Professional, managers of cleaning operations in the hospitality industry noted that the most important business factor is “keeping customers satisfied” (39 percent).

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  • P&G Professional TruBlue Partnership

    Tru Blue House Care

    P&G Professional TruBlue Partnership

    TruBlue Total House Care Specialists Now Equipped Exclusively with P&G Professional Cleaning Products. Read more.

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  • Partnering with Your Cleaning Supplier for Success

    Happy Shoppers Enjoying Clean Store

    Partnering with Your Cleaning Supplier for Success

    During Food Safety Month and beyond, you should have an effective cleaning program in place. Learn how to best partner with your cleaning supplier to create personalized solutions in this article by Jeff Anderson, Ph.D.

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  • 8/14/2013

    Back To School: Maintaining A Clean & Safe Environment For Students

    It’s that time of year when students are heading back to school. For custodial managers, that means creating and maintaining a clean and safe environment for students, staff and visitors. And with that, perhaps the added challenge of reduced resources, as many U.S. schools suffer from annual budget cuts that affect custodial services.

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  • 8/7/2013

    Finding Ways to Conserve Valuable Resources is a Never-Ending Quest for Launderers

    A constant challenge for today’s launderers is improving their current operation and making choices that increase productivity. Two priorities that should drive laundry care operations are efficiency and effectiveness. To achieve these goals, management must regularly review its laundry procedures to find ways to maximize performance, protect linen investments, improve cleaning results and ultimately, provide cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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  • 8/7/2013

    Adopting & Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

    Facility management professionals are faced with daily decisions on building maintenance, cleanliness, staff and operating costs. In that mix of responsibilities is implementing a floor care program that protects your floor investment and your bottom line. The most efficient way to maintain the look of any finished floor is by adopting and following a regular maintenance schedule and using products that require the least amount of labor.

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  • 8/7/2013

    Approach Sustainability Holistically

    “Being green” can be achieved through a holistic approach towards sustainability. Such an approach requires looking at all aspects of your business in terms of sustainability, including cleaning, and incorporating it into your company culture so it defines your organization and is communicated to your customers.

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  • 7/19/2013

    Cleaning and Disinfecting: The Truth About Multipurpose Products

    Cleaning and disinfecting both are vital to an effective hotel cleaning program, yet many housekeeping staff members are unaware of the difference between the two and the importance of each task. Recent studies have shown that there continues to be a general lack of consistency and rather significant confusion within the professional cleaning industry about whether you can do both cleaning and disinfecting at the same time and the correct procedures to do so.

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  • 6/7/2013

    Maintaining a Hygienic Environment: Smart and Simple Cleaning Tips for any Long-Term Care Facility

    There are many facets of an efficient and effective cleaning program in a long-term care facility, from cleaning, to disinfecting, to infection prevention, to creating a “just like home” environment. Providing a safe and clean living space can be challenging, but with the right processes in place, administrators and housekeeping staff can maintain a hygienic facility for patients, residents and guests.

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