83% of Caregivers Recommend the Tide® Professional Laundry System

Provide a Home-Like Environment

The American Association for Long Term Care Nursing (AALTCN) and P&G Professional™ today announced the results of the “Gentle on Skin Survey,” which queried long-term care nursing staff about the importance of providing a “home-like” environment and being an advocate for what’s best for their residents’ care. The results showed that caregivers recognize the importance of their laundry system to residents’ well-being and recommend Tide Professional because it is clinically tested gentle on skin.

Importance of Laundry System

Notably, 83 percent of caregivers agreed they would recommend Tide Professional Laundry System for their residents over other systems, because it is clinically tested to be gentle on sensitive skin.1 The survey also found that 91 percent of caregivers report that they are more likely to use a professional laundry care product that is clinically tested to be gentle on skin over a system that isn't, and that nearly all caregivers (98 percent) agree that the quality of a laundry system, including detergent, is important to a resident's comfort and well-being.

Additional Findings

  • 76% of decision makers surveyed reported being under pressure from upper management to keep operating costs down over the last six months
  • 98% of caregivers surveyed recognize the importance of a laundry system, including detergent, to a resident’s well being, and only 62% agreed they would wash their own family’s clothes in their facility’s current laundry system
  • Residents Feel at Home68% of respondents agree that residents feel more at home with brands they know and trust
  • 100% of respondents consider themselves to be the voice of the residents they care for
  • 100% agree that providing a home-like environment is either somewhat or very important to residents' well-being
  • Nearly all (97%) of those surveyed agree that they are willing to "go above and beyond to provide their residents with linens that are gentle on their skin"

Residents Prefer Soft Sheets

"At P&G Professional, we understand the dedication that long-term care nursing staff give to improving the quality of life for their residents, and that’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to being able to provide the only professional laundry system that’s clinically tested to be gentle on skin – Tide Professional," said Barbara Richter, healthcare segment manager, P&G Professional. “In addition to helping residents feel more at home, Tide Professional also helps create a more satisfying work environment for laundry staff. In fact, 77 percent of our customers surveyed reported an improvement in employee satisfaction after switching to the Tide Professional Laundry System.”1

American Association for Long Term Care Nursing

"This survey reinforced that nursing staff directly see the subtle differences that different laundering processes and chemicals can make, and prefer to see products used for residents that they would use for their own families," said Charlotte Eliopoulos, executive director, AALTCN.

For more information see Gentle On Skin Laundry Care.

1 A board-certified dermatologist determined that fabrics washed in Tide Professional Laundry System are gentle on sensitive skin, proven in scientifically controlled clinical testing.