Save up to $9,700 When Switching from the Leading Alkaline Laundry System.*

When you switch to the Tide® Professional Laundry System, you can save money since your linens can last longer and don't need to be replaced as often. You'll lose up to 9% fewer linens due to discoloration and up to  6% fewer due to fabric weakness. Extending the life of your linens can reduce linen replacement costs by 15%, which can add up to $9,700 in bottom line savings in just one year.*

See how Tide Professional Laundry System works. Start Saving Today

See how much you can save:

Hotel Size Linen Budget
Savings (15%)
Laundry Total Operation
Cost Savings (0.8%)
Small $7,100 $1,900
Medium $19,000 $4,900
Mid-large $42,000 $9,700
Large $84,000 $17,500

Keeps Whites Whiter
Throw Away 9% Fewer

Keeps Fabric Stronger
Throw Away 6% Fewer

Extend Linen Life
Saving 15%

Stronger Fabrics

See how the Tide Professional Laundry System's near neutral pH formula can help maintain the strength of your linens.

Whiter Whites

Watch how the Tide Professional Laundry System's patented technology rejuvenates old, dingy linens in a single cycle; keeping them looking white and bright even with age.

*For a typical mid-large hotel. Whitening results based on Full System use.