The Only Professional Laundry System Clinically Tested to Be Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Tide® Professional takes pride in giving residents the comfort of home with a near-neutral pH formula that’s proven to be gentle on sensitive skin.

  • Non-alkaline, near neutral system
  • Protect fiber softness and fluff over time
  • Keep fabrics fresh, soft and looking newer longer
  • Comfort residents with the trusted brand they’d choose for their own home

Just like Home

Listen to the testimonials of healthcare professionals like you who have given their residents the comfort of home with P&G Professional products..

Why pH Matters

Superior Softness

See how the near-neutral pH formula of Tide® Professional helps keeps fabrics soft and comfortable.

Long Lasting Linens

Find out how the non-alkaline Tide® Professional Laundry System helps keep fabrics stronger for longer.